Homemade Christmas Presents


Christmas is a wonderful time of the year for sharing and giving to your family.  At The Resilient Home we want to share the things that we have been creating all year long.  This year that means sending family homemade Sweet pickle Relish, Black Bean and Corn Salsa and Apple Butter along with a couple of bars of Audrey’s homemade soap!

Jars of Salsa and Apple Butter and labels
Jars of Salsa and Apple Butter and labels


Getting Ready:

We start with pint jars of yummy treats that we put up this fall. Here we have Salsa and Apple Butter along with labels, cloth scraps, ribbon, Sharpie markers and scissors.





Handwritten Labels


Handwritten Labels

Add a personal touch with handwritten labels for the jars of your favorite condiments.  We got these adhesive labels from Lehmans.Using Rotary Cutter to make cloth squares





Using Rotary Cutter to make cloth squares


Cutting Cloth Squares:

We use a rotary cutter to cut 5 1/2″ squares of cloth.  Choose a thin cotton fabric so that the jar lid rings can be put on over it.

Trim off Corners


Make Circles from the Squares:

Next Trim off the corners of the cloth squares to make a circle.  This doesn’t need to be perfect!  It is easiest if you fold the square over twice so all the corners are together and then cut them all a the same time with good scissors.




Screw the Jar Ring over the Cloth Circle



Cover the Jar Lid:

Next center the cloth circle over the pint jar lid and screw on the jar ring.




Tying a Ribbon around the Jar Ring




Add a Ribbon:

Add a ribbon around the Jar ring into a simple bow for a finished look.  Using a contrasting bright color adds a nice highlight.



Finished Jars ready for Gifting




All Finished!

These jars can be given as gifts to family or friends and they will love the presentation as much as the wonderful contents! Happy Gifting!

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  1. Patty Burberry says:

    Could I get more soap from you? Pleeeeeease

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