Grow Perpetual Green Onions for Free!

If you love green onions for adding a fresh taste to salads, sauces and even scrambled eggs like we do, then you will love this money saving idea!  Green onions are bulbs that will regrow if you just plant them in a pot or window box.  Like chives or asparagus, you can clip the green shoots right from their growing container and they will grow right back. But how do you get started? ( Just click on a photo to enlarge it)
Buy green onion starts from the grocery store… not the nursery!

Cut off the bulb end but don't throw it away! In a container filled with good compost or potting soil plant the bulbs with the root end down.


Bury them so the cut tops are right at soil level and water them.


In less than 2 weeks green sprouts will appear.

As you get more green onion bulbs just poke more holes and plant them as well.

A month later and you will have all the green onions you need!

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  1. Lissa says:

    This is a wonderfup tip! We’ll have to try this at home.

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