Homestead Journal

This is a chronological journal of our Homestead efforts.  We share it with you so that you can see what we are doing, when we plant, and when harvests take place.

(A Special Note to those who don’t know us personally: While we have the best of intentions, we get super busy, especially around harvest and canning time, so don’t be surprised if we list a lot of planting times and starts to construction projects and then forget to put in when we harvest or finish the job!)

Year of 2012


Hog House 2012-05-2310 – Started building a hog shelter today with the boys. Got the plans for it from the North Dakota Agricultural College Coop Extension web site. We modified it by adding a 2×8 slotted floor and 4×4 treated skids.


Planting Peas 2013-03-1712 – Planted Little Marvel Sweet Peas (Mature in 62 days). The first daffodills bloomed today. Weather has been unseasonably warm and this week it will hit 76 degrees!  

Year of 2013


2013-03-17 16.07.288 – Bought 2 Rabbit does tonight from a girl who raises Flemish and Californian breeds in Anderson, Indiana. $20 each. California is the black ear & nose doe and she is about 6 weeks old.  The All white albino is the Flemish and she is about 12 weeks.


Planting Peas 2013-03-1717 – Planted Little Marvel Sweet Peas (Mature in 62 days). Used Burpee innoculant on the peas. Weather was cold at 34 degrees and breezy. 

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